We believe the seeds of the Kingdom of God are cultivated in homes, living rooms, and around tables. Enjoying life and eating together is a sacred act that helps us be present to the gift of the moment, stitches us together as family, and shapes us into people who extend grace and hospitality to the world.


When we care for the marginalized, we believe that presence always has to come before projects. In some of the forgotten spaces in the city, we begin with our presence, and together we decide how we can creatively and faithfully become good news to our neighbors in a concrete way.


People have been reading, engaging, questioning, and wrestling with the Bible for thousands of years, and we continue this sacred tradition together. Here we read the text together, we wrestle with the text, and we experience God though the Scriptures, through each other and through the entire process.


The mind and the heart are connected, seeing the world differently is a part of being in the world differently, and growing up in how we view the world is just as important to waking up to God’s presence in the world. These quarterly classes ranging from topics such as The Enneagram, spiritual practices, God’s future, and the nature of the Bible, help form our minds to think well about God, our world, and each other.


Selah is a Hebrew word the Psalmists used that meant a pause or an open space. So once a month we gather together for brunch as women to create space to pause—to listen to the stories of each other, to be present and to pray for each other, and ultimately to to grow deeper with each other.


It is time for the church to start having better conversations about sexuality and better relationships with the LGBTQ community. Saying Grace is a series of curated gatherings of dinners+stories that enable us to encounter each other as humans, connect with each other’s hearts, and begin hopeful conversations and real relationships that will lead us to a shared future.