Imagine is a church in Honolulu, Hawaii
that is committed to following Jesus into the future.


Although we consistently communicate that Sunday worship gatherings do not define our community, we still place a high value on gathering together weekly. Through creativity, music, teaching, dialogue, prayer, and Communion, we are re-binded to God, reminded of who we are, and re-written into God’s story of healing, love, and redemption through Christ.

10:00 a.m.
Entrepreneurs Sandbox
643 Ilalo St. // Kaka Ľako


Even though the best stuff of life happens in the in-between spaces of everyday life, our community spaces are like the big threads that are woven to hold together our shared life as the church. Here you will see how we gather to enjoy, to create culture that inspires and environments that heal, and to include everyone in the family of God.